Services of the lawyer in the field of the sports right:

  • Legal aid to sportsmen and the organisations in Sports court and other organisations of the resolution of conflicts;
  •  Preparation of constituent documents (charters, constituent contracts) the sports organisations (federation, clubs, associations) and their state registration;
  •  Legal examination of constituent documents of the sports organisations and regulations;
  •  Working out intracorporate local certificates (position, the instruction) sports organisations;
  • Working out of the contract of the sportsman (the contract on sports activity);
  • Contracts about transitions sportsmen (transfers), including international;
  • Working out of contracts with the personnel of the sports organisations (heads, trainers, general managers, doctors, masseurs, judges etc.);
  • The permission of conflict situations by reconciliation of the parties;
  • Legal support of economic transactions of the sports organisations;
  • Representation of interests of subjects of the sports right in relations with trade unions, agents;
  • Support of transactions of sportsmen on property acquisition, the conclusion of advertising contracts;
  • Legal aid in employment (club search);
  • Other questions of legal character;